Dr. David Marx (right), emergency department physician, spoke to a crowd of family, friends, and coworkers who gathered at Chambersburg Hospital on Friday, June 7 to honor the late Rosemary “Linda” Holma. The Chambersburg Hospital Medical Staff gifted a red maple tree that stands outside the new King Street Addition

Hospital staff remembers Rosemary "Linda" Holma


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Chambersburg Hospital Medical Staff honored the memory of the late Rosemary “Linda” Holma Friday, June 7, 2013 with the gift and dedication of a red maple tree located in front of the hospital’s new King Street Addition.

At the dedication ceremony, Dr. David Marx, an emergency department physician, shared his thoughts about Holma with her friends, family and colleagues who had gathered.

Marx said the emergency department team called Holma “Mama Linda” because she was always available to offer advice or comfort.

“In tumultuous seas, Linda was our comfort,” Marx said. “We all felt good when Linda was in the [emergency department]. She had a quiet, strong leadership. She was always on the front line, trying to help everyone.”

“We loved her, we still love her, and we miss her,” he concluded.

Rosemary Linda Holma was a Registered Nurse in Chambersburg Hospital’s Emergency department from 2004 until her death on July 27, 2012.


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