CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – As the snow falls and the lakes freeze, we can still keep burning calories, according to Doug Lentz, Director of Fitness at Results Therapy and Fitness in Chambersburg.

“Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean we still can’t get outside and exercise,” Lentz said. “There are many winter activities that require energy and burn calories. Moving burns calories, so whether it is 80 degrees or 20 degrees, if we move, we’ll burn calories.”

According to Lentz, some common winter activities that can burn more than 300 calories an hour depending on your activity level include: snowboarding, ice skating, ice hockey, skiing, shoveling snow, and even building a snow man.

“If the snow starts falling, you can burn those extra calories by shoveling your driveway, or playing with your kids in the snow,” Lentz explained. “We just have to get moving.”

Lentz noted that if outdoor activity isn’t appealing to you, you could start that New Year’s Resolution early and join a local gym.

“At Results Fitness, we can design individual exercise programs to meet your specific needs,” Lentz said. “And, you won’t have to wear hats or gloves to burn calories. We actually offer a warm-water pool to our members. It can help people who have joint pain or trouble standing long enough to do traditional exercise.”

Lentz urged that you should be careful when performing any outdoor activity, especially exercise.

“Talk to your doctor before you start any exercise program.”

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Monday, December 16, 2013