Tips for Making Boo-Boos Feel Better

5 Tips for making boo-boos feel better

Proper care for minor cuts & scrapes can help avoid infection and other problems. 

  1. Clean the wound by rinsing it with clear water.  Avoid using soap directly on the wound because it can cause irritation.  
    If there are particles in the wound, use tweezers (cleaned with alcohol) to remove them.
  2. Stop the bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean cloth or gauze.
  3. Apply an antibiotic like Neosporin to avoid infection and to keep the wound moist.
  4. Cover the wound with a bandage to keep it clean.  Be sure to change the bandage every day – especially when it becomes wet or dirty.
  5. Watch for signs of infection like warmth, swelling, redness, drainage, or increased pain.


Although there may not be scientific evidence that Mommy kisses help boo-boos heal faster, they’re still a trusted technique for healing.  

Just be sure to apply Mommy kisses gently and not directly to the boo-boo.

If the cut or scrape is more serious, be sure to visit our Walk-In Care Center in Greencastle so we can help you feel better faster.



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