What is a mammogram?

Mammograms Elaine Brooks

A mammogram is an x-ray picture inside the breast. This image allows your doctor to see any changes in your breast tissue that could not be felt during a clinical breast exam.

Advanced technology

Summit Health uses advanced digital technology for mammograms.  Digital images provide a more detailed view of the breast.   We also use the MammoPad® breast cushion to make mammography more comfortable. 

Guidelines For Early Detection of Breast Cancer

  • Age 20 and older - do a self breast exam monthly
  • Age 20 to 40 - schedule a clinical breast exam every 3 years and do a self breast exam monthly
  • Age 40 and older - schedule mammograms every year, do monthly self breast exams and schedule yearly clinical exams
  • If high risk - yearly mammograms and possibly yearly MRIs.  Ask your doctor to be sure.


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