Before Surgery

Before your weight loss surgery, there are view the requirements you must complete.  

Weight Loss Surgery Informational Session

This is a one-on-one session that will explain the many aspects of surgical weight loss.  Also during this session you will assess your own qualifications as you learn from the staff.  This includes your BMI (Body Mass Index), your medical conditions and emotional readiness.

Call (717) 217-4215 to learn how you can get started.

Review Your Medical Insurance
Insurance coverage varies, make sure you consider how you are going to pay for your weight loss procedure.  Calling your insurance provider's member services is an excellent place to begin.  Typically, you can find a phone number for member services on the back of your insurance card.

Consultation with Dr. Gorman
After attending an informational session, an inital consultation with Dr. Gorman can be scheduled by calling (717) 217-6800

Nutrition Evaluation
You must complete a nutritional evaluation with a dietician

During an initial consultation with a dietitian you will:

  • Discuss health/wellness goals
  • Discuss realistic weight loss goals
  • Begin self-monitoring logs
  • Work on a plan for pre-operative weight loss
  • Develop goals for exercise
  • Discuss areas for behavior change
  • Develop a practice plan to begin forming new patterns and habits

Additional nutrition visits are typically required.  You must complete six visits, which will include the initial evaluation with a dietitian over 6 months.  The number of visits are determined by the bariatric team and insurance company requirements.*  These sessions are necessary to determine your readiness to make required changes for weight loss and long term management.
* Note: Nutrition visits are typically not covered by insurance.  Fees are approximately $480 for 6 total visits, this includes the initial evaluation.

Psychological EvaluationYou must complete a psychological evaluation that is a requirement by your insurance

During your psychological evaluation you will discuss your:

  • Commitment to making lifestyle changes
  • Understanding of your role as it relates to surgery
  • Support system
  • Track record for compliance
  • History of eating disorders

Preoperative Medical Evaluation
During a second visit with Dr. Gorman he will review your medical history along with you, as well as perform a physical exam.  Possible consultation with additional specialists like a cardiologist and/or pulmonologist may be necessary.  At this time Dr. Gorman will also order a series of baseline tests

complete blood count, urine test, chemisty screen, blood glucose test, electrocardiogram (EKG), and an echocardiogram.  Additional tests, such as a gallbladder ultrasound, pulmonary function test, sleep studies, or gastrointestinal evaluation may also be included.

Stop Smoking
Smokers should stop smoking at least one month prior to surgery.  Smoking can delay incision line healing, impacts your health as much as your weight, and some insurance companies will not approve surgery for individuals who smoke.

Smoking cessation classes are available through Summit Health.  Call (717) 262-4691 for more information.

Attend two Bariatric Support Group Sessions
Prior to surgery you must attend at least two bariatric support group sessions.  Summit Bariatric Support Group meets monthly.  Call (717) 217-4215 for current meeting information.




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