Grateful Patient: William Teeters

Grateful Patient William Teeter



My wife and I had just moved to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania from Maryland.  I was feeling more winded than usual.  Since we were moving, I didn't think it was heart related.  Two days before Christmas, I began experiencing chest pains that radiated into my neck.  My wife drove me to the Chambersburg Hospital.  I was scared, but the nurses made me feel at ease.  The staff didn't waste any time.  From the emergency room, I was sent to the cardiac catheterization unit, received a stent, and two hours later, I was resting in my room.  I've been to a lot of hospitals in my lifetime, and Chambersburg Hospital is the best.

William Teeters, Shippensburg

Mr. Teeters underwent successful opening of a 100% blocked artery with a stent.  He was discharged home two days later and was enrolled in the CPORT-E trial.  He underwent stents of two additional blockages at Chambersburg Hospital with complete recovery.



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