Grateful Patients for Cardiac Rehab

Grateful Patient Cardiac Rehab


Patients Grateful for Staff at Cardiac Rehab

An anonymous call to the Development Office alerted me to a clandestine operation at Chambersburg Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation facility.

Grateful patients at Cardiac Rehab on Orchard Drive were scheming to surprise the staff in appreciation for the great work they do every day.

A group of men, brought together by heart disease, formed an unexpected friendship while attending cardiac rehabilitation.  In addition to their heart problems, each share a common sentiment - they are deeply thankful for the staff at Cardiac Rehab.

On the condition of anonymity, Mr. X told me the group feels the staff at Cardiac Rehab changed their lives - and did so with skill, care, and a good dose of humor.

The men wanted to show their appreciation. So they put their plan in motion.

Mr. X told me he and his friends had purchased big white Teddy Bears holding hearts that say "You Rock!" for the staff. They'd secretly passed cards in the locker room for all the men to sign.

He called me to see if I could arrange for a photo of the staff discovering their bears.  The men needed a way to present the bears to the staff anonymously and to capture the "Kodak moment". They wanted it to be a surprise, and they wanted as many of the staff there as possible.

After exchanging several phone calls, and with the help with some "sworn-to-secrecy" accomplices, we arranged for the big drop.

The rest is history!  Thank you to the Staff at Cardiac Rehab for being such an inspiration to those you serve and also to the patients who arranged this nice surprise!

Maybe someday I will meet Mr. X.


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