Grateful Patient Program

Our patients thank us with a smile, a hug, or even a warm handshake.  That’s how we know we’re doing a good job.  Sometimes, patients and their families choose to express their gratitude through charitable gifts that help us care for more patients.

Your gifts truly matter. Your support ensures that you, your family, and your neighbors continue to receive state-of-the-art care from our expert and caring team.Our Grateful Patient Program is an opportunity to say thank you to a member of our care team, an area of care, or a program that made a difference in your life. 

You can participate in the Grateful Patient Program by donating via online or mail:


1. Write a brief personal message of appreciation to your caregiver(s).

2. Make a gift in honor of your caregiver

By Mail

Download the Grateful Patient Brochure and complete giving form for one of the following facilities:

Chambersburg Hospital

Waynesboro Hospital

Summit Health

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Every day we receive letters, emails, and calls from patients and their family members telling us about their experiences at our hospitals and outpatient services.  With their permission, we are honored to be able to share some of these wonderful, heartwarming patient stories with you.

Grateful to be Alive


"What does Chambersburg Hospital have in common with the Greatest Show On Earth? ... "
~ Edwin Gotwalt "Mr.Ed"

 Read Edwin Gotwalt "Mr.Ed">>

 View Chambersburg Hospital 

Grateful to be Alive

Summit Health Grateful Patient Col. Richard H. Johnson, United States Army (Ret.)

"The journey back to health was not an easy one ..."
~ Col. Richard H. Johnson 

 Read Col. Richard H. Johnson's story>>

 View Chambersburg Hospital 


Our Youngest Grateful Patient

Summit Health Grateful Patient Lainey

"On the first day of school..."
~ Lainey's Mother  

 Hear Lainey's Story >>

 View Chambersburg Hospital 

Parallel Lives

Summit Health Grateful Patient Dr. John Fague

"Helpless & In Pain ..."
~ Dr. Fague  

 Read Dr. Fague's story>>

 View Chambersburg Hospital 

What a Difference a Smile Can Make

Summit Health Grateful Patient Donna Riley

"My mind was full of what ifs..."
~ Donna Riley 

 Read Donna's story>>

 View Chambersburg Hospital 

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

"Every day is a gift. It's a lesson I learned in 2011..."
~ Dr. Stephen Flack

 Dr. Flack's story  >>

 View Stroke Care

Hometown Hospitality

"With Patty, it seemed like nursing wasn't just a job..."
~ Kathy Mollett

 Kathy's story  >>

 View Chambersburg Hospital

A Man and His Miracles

"Everyone probably gets notions that they might be having a problem, but sometimes we fail to act..."
~ Alvin Nelson

 Alvin's story  >>

 View Cancer Care

Grateful Heart Patient 

"I was quickly diagnosed with heart blockages and promptly stabilized..."
~ Jim Bittner

 Jim's story  >>

 View Cardiac Care

I just wanted to get this taken care of and stay strong for my family

"I knew I was supposed to start getting yearly mammograms when I was 40, but I had put it off..."
~ Lorraine Burkholder

 Lorraine's story  >>

 View Cancer Care

Lesson Learned

"It started with a feeling like heartburn..."
~ Wade Burkholder

 Wade's story >>

 View Cardiac Rehab Care

One Patient’s Journey Home

“The journey from surgery though rehab was absolutely seamless...”
~ Joe Diviney

 Joe's story  >>

 View Orthopedic Care

They Saved My Life 

“I can remember someone talking to me in the ambulance…" 
~ Don Bower

 Don's story >>

 View Waynesboro Hospital


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Celebrate & Honor Your Doctor

Take this time to celebrate and honor all caregivers who have made a difference in your life or a loved-one's life by providing exceptional care.  

Doctors' Day Appreciation Notes

 | Read what Grateful Patients are saying about their physicians

Show Your Appreciation 

As part of the Grateful Patient Program at Summit Health, you are invited to honor your physician with a gift to your hospital.

Reasons for showing appreciation:

  • He or she is an attentive listener
  • Empathetic caregiver
  • Compassionate expert
  • Great advisor/mentor
  • Collaborator
  • Outstanding role model 


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