Implementation session and outcomes measurement discussions for organizations receiving 2014 grants will be scheduled as appropriate.

For more information, contact Ann Spottswood, Endowment Manager at (717) 267-4861, or


Full Renewal Grant Application Schedule

December 17, 2013

Letters of Intent are due (by 4:00 p.m.)

Mid February 2014

Notification of Committee’s decision (via telephone)

March 12, 2014

Applications are due (by 4:00 p.m.)

Late April 2014

Grants are announced

July 1, 2014

Grant period begins



Small & Mini Grant Renewal Application Schedule

(includes: Healthy People 2020 Priority Grant Application)

> Proposals for small ($2001-$5,000) and mini ($2,000 or less) grant requests are accepted three times per year.

> Healthy People 2020 Grant ($1,500 - $8,000) are accepted three times per year.

Requests for renewal funding may be approved for 1 additional grant period if satisfactory progress toward meeting outcomes has been demonstrated.

Round 1: March 15th

Round 2: July 15th

Round 3: November 15th

Applications due by 4:00 pm

Round 1: June 15th

Round 2: October 15th

Round 3: February 15th

Notification of Committee’s decision (via phone)

Round 1: August 1st

Round 2: December 1st

Round 3: April 1st

Grant Period Begins

As defined, but not more than 1 year

Grant Period Ends

Associated Location: